Contact Us Form Issue
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By SamCC - Tue 9 Jul 2019

After years with no problems, our spam filters are now deleting all emails from the Contact Us form in Kartris. We have been advised by our hosting company to change the 'from' email on the contact us form to our own email rather than the senders. I.e. all of the emails from the contact us form come from our own email. I have done this with other contact & application forms on our website but I can't find where to make the change in Kartris.

Can anyone advise where and how I can change the sending email in Kartris?

Many thanks!

By Paul - Wed 10 Jul 2019
Change the config setting to n.

With it set to y, mails from the contact form go out with the user's email address as the 'from' address. This makes replying easier.

But some anti-spam settings that hosts might apply can stop these mails from going out or being received at the other end. To overcome this, setting this off will use the web site's configured 'from' address (in the language and email settings).